My Very Awful, Excellent Day

August 6, 2015



Ever have one of those days where you feel so overwhelmed and discouraged that you seriously start considering a business model for selling puca-shell necklaces on a beach in the Pacific?


Yeah, that was me yesterday.


By the time 6 p.m. rolled around, I felt so low, I was ready to put 20-percent down sight-unseen on a hut without indoor plumbing.


But then something excellent happened. Well, in fact, four excellent things happened.

  • A young single-mother I know got a job offer she is thrilled with and fills her with relief about being able to support her toddler.

  • A co-worker sent me a note saying how pleased he is with the results of a simple postcard campaign.

  • My team received kudos for a job well-done on a series of website tours. (Shameless plug: you can check them out here).

  • And perhaps best of all, a text from a colleague expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to work with women who inspire her (and I’d been actually feeling guilty for how much work I’d dumped, er, I mean, delegated to her).

What’s my point (besides humble bragging)?


Pretty simple really: Catch your co-workers, colleagues, and team mates doing something right.


 After all, you just might save them from a life of 24-hour swim trunks and flip flops. 




 I mean, you just might make their day.


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My Very Awful, Excellent Day

August 6, 2015

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