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Expert Panel: What You Need to Know Now About Marketing

Whether you are new to marketing or looking to refine your processes, you’ll want to hear from this panel of marketing professionals – from within the industry – on what you should be doing now to thrive during this pandemic.

In just 45 minutes, you’ll learn the:

  • Reasons why marketing matters (from a former skeptic)

  • Top marketing investments you need to make today (many of them free or low-cost)

  • CSIA membership marketing benefits you’re leaving on the table (and how to get them)

  • Tips for leveraging existing relationships to amplify your message (and how to uncover hidden gems)

  • Marketing strategies you should change – and what you should not (hint: beware Shiny Object Syndrome)

Speakers: Tim Black, Aveva, Julie Gaier, TRG Marketing, Steve Malyzko, Malisko Engineering, Inc., Meghan Pavasaris, Rivergate Marketing, Lisa Richter, CSIA Moderator: Jessica Mlinaric, DMC, Inc.

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