Here is just a sampling of some of the content I've developed for various campaigns and projects. And there is plenty more where this came from.


Association of University Technology Transfer Managers

Working for a Good Clause: Canadian University Negotiates Global Access Licensing Deal for a Drug Reformulation That Could Save Thousands of Lives

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Mark Cuban Video Invite

Okay, I'll admit it, Cuban went a bit rogue when he filmed this special invitation to a trade show based on my script.


Pandemic Resources Campaign

Like many businesses, the members of the Control System Integrators Association got hit hard by the economic and supply chain disruption of the pandemic. In response, CSIA staff rallied and put together a number of resources, including an online community, to help members cope.


Re-Imagined Value Proposition

With so many in-person events cancelled, including CSIA's annual conference, it was clear the association needed to revamp its delivery methods. One example is the first-ever digital networking event I conceived, launched, marketed and hosted -- in just 2 weeks.


Thought Leadership

5 Common Objectives to The Exchange (and Why They Are No Good)

As engineers, most CSIA members readily admit that, when it comes to marketing, at best they don't understand it. At worst, they think it's snake oil. So, I regularly create thought leadership content, such as this blog post, to help educate members about low-cost strategies to promote their business. This particular piece of content marketing uses humor and a strong personal voice to explain digital marketing, while making a case for one of the association's top revenue producers.

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